Guide on How to Write a Term Paper

A term paper can be defined as an assignment given to students at the end of a semester term. The essence of the term paper is to evaluate the knowledge students have gotten on a course.

Writing a term paper demands carrying out research. It also involves a lot of technical writing. It must be well organized, analyzed, and well researched to prove your knowledge in the course.

Instructors usually give topics on a term paper. But in some cases, students can be given the liberty to choose their topic.

Before embarking on the writing of your term paper, it is essential you gather ideas online and offline on your topic. The word limit (length), resources, and complexity of your problem should also be considered.

Beginning Your Term Paper Writing

You must ensure you go through the given instructions carefully to start the writing of your term paper. A quality and high-grade term paper is the result of proper planning and research. Your title must be catchy and appealing to your instructor. In the end, you must ensure you proofread your assignment before submitting it to the proper quarters. 

Outlines of a Term Paper

You can start by writing out the outlines of your term paper to make the writing easier. It will serve as your guide throughout the work. You can use cheap custom term papers as samples for your future research. Most of the time, the main parts of a term paper are an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

However, your instructor can instruct you to follow a given format. Either way, the below are explanation on how your format should be:

  • Cover Page

This page contains your name, course details, instructor's name, and the submission date.  They must all be double spaced and aligned in the center.

  • Abstract

This part contains a summary of your research. It is an overview and a brief description of your assignment. It is usually short and less than a page.

  • Introduction

This chapter explains the significance of the research study. It addresses problems to be solved and the objectives of the work.

  • Body

The body chapter contains the key points of your research. This part helps the reader to get more understanding of your work. The analysis carried out in the course of the study is also written on the body page.

  • Results

This part contains an explanation of how the research has helped you in your course. The relevance of your study and your course should be stated here.

  • Discussion

It includes the summary and the conclusion of your research. The discussion can as well serve as a guide for readers to research further on the topic.

Writing a Term Paper Proposal

Writing a term paper proposal comes before research writing. It allows you to defend and prove how much you understand your topic to the instructor. The instructor must approve the proposal before the actual writing.

Your instructor did not give you a specific format for the proposal. Your proposal can take the following format: title, objective, and relevance or the importance of the topic.


The structure of your term paper determines how good the grade will be. Understanding the proposal format, outlines, and writing format can help you improve in your writing.