Features Of A Custom Research Paper

With the introduction of technology, you will come to find that most students can buy research papers online. It is however not good for you as a student to get used to this habit since what would you do that time when you are broke? You should try as much as possible to go to the library and find those how to write a research paper books, read them and then come back and try to come up with one of your own. To enlighten you more on term paper writing, here are some of the things that an ideal paper should have.

A title

This is the first part that the reader will come across even when it comes to getting someone to do my research paper. This means that you have to make sure that your title captivates the eyes of the marker. If not, he or she may get bored at the start and we all know that the repercussion for this is massive failure. From the title, the person going through professional research paper should be able to understand what to expect from you. Also make sure that the title does not forego the word limit provided by your institution or else you will be highly penalized.

A good abstract

As much as this is one of the parts that comes at the beginning, it is best that you write a research paper last. This is a brief summary of your online research paper and just like the title, different institutions have different word counts for this part. Make sure that it provides enough information to the reader.

The Introduction

Just from the name, an introduction introduces one to what you are going to write about in the ensuing chapters of your work. A good introduction should also serve as a hook that will attract the reader’s attention. Make it brief and write the thesis statement at the end of your introduction. Make no mistakes here lest you want to start by annoying the marker.


In every research paper site, you will find a sample with methodology. In this segment, you try to explain what methods you used in your research to come up with your results. You should be able to deeply describe the steps that you took so that in case your professor uses the same steps he or she will be able to get the same results as you.

The body

Here you tell the reader what were your results and you give a detailed explanation. One thing about the body is that this is where most marks are allocated. Each idea should be able to occupy its own paragraph. The paragraphs should have introductory, supporting and concluding sentences.


There are two things that you can do in you conclusion. It is either you recap a main idea stated in the body or you summarize the whole of your points. Just like in the title and introduction, your conclusion should be captivating too.